Two Rivers Canoe Rental is located at the confluence of the Jacks Fork and Current Rivers, in Eminence, Missouri.
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Two Rivers Canoe General Store (Jacks Fork River and Current Rivers)


Our general store is open seven days per week from mid-April through mid-October, but we continue to rent canoes by reservation year round.  Visit us for all your river outfitting needs: groceries, snack items, ice cream, soft drinks, cold beer, ice, fishing tackle, swimming items, tee shirts, hats, waterproof cameras, firewood, and more. 

Enjoy your morning coffee on our deck, then come back after your float and watch fascinating sunsets with us, as we celebrate the close of another day in paradise


The Landing at Two Rivers Canoe Rental is the takeout point for most float trips in the area. When you camp at Two Rivers camp ground, your floating trip will end at your campsite. Two Rivers Canoe Rental also provides shuttles to and from your local hotel, motel, cabin, B&B, or campground to your river departure point. You may also park your vehicle at Two Rivers and at the duration of your float trip your vehicle will be here waiting for you, eliminating the need to have a set pick up time and haul back.

U.S. Coast Guard approved life jackets, paddles, and trash bags are included with all float trips.


Eminence is nestled deep in the heart of the Missouri Ozark Mountains.  The town itself was originally founded next to Round Spring (north of Eminence).  However, Union Soldiers burned it to the ground in 1863 during the Civil War.  Locals believe the town sits where it does today because a wagon carrying materials to rebuild the original town broke down on the spot where the courthouse now stands and never made it to its final destination.  You’ll find quaint shops, restaurants, and many seasonal events in Eminence.  You’ll also find hospitality rivaling that of 5-Star resort areas.

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The southeastern Ozarks were long isolated from outside influence due to the rugged nature of the environment.  Scotch-Irish settlers began to filter in shortly after The Louisiana Purchase in 1804, and by the 1850s, subsistence farmers occupied most lands in the river valleys. 

In 1924, state parks were established at Round Spring, Alley Spring, and Big Spring.  It was during this time that a concept was developed for a linear park encompassing a large section of the Jacks Fork River.  In 1933, large tracts of land were purchased in the region for the Clark National Forest, which today is part of Mark Twain National Forest.  In 1956, The National Park Service conducted a study and issued a report calling for establishment of a corridor park along the Current and Jacks Fork Rivers.  In 1962, President John F. Kennedy endorsed the formation of Ozark National Scenic Riverways.  Secretary of the Interior Stewart Udall and other officials visited the region and floated the Current River.  Following his strong endorsement, a bill was submitted to Congress for the formation of the park.  President Lyndon Johnson signed it into law and Ozark National Scenic Riverways became a reality.

Approximately 80,000 acres of rugged Ozark land along the Jacks Fork and Current Rivers today form Ozark National Scenic Riverways.   

Hundreds of thousands of visitors each year enjoy the solitude and natural beauty of the forested hills, soaring bluffs, caves, springs, plants, animals, and historic buildings that create a memorable experience for all who view them.

Two Rivers Canoe Rental is an authorized concessionaire of the National Park Service. We operate within the Ozark National Scenic Riverways.  More information about the National Park Service is available on their website:\ozar.



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