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Whether you’re planning a day, weekend, or weeklong getaway, we want you to enjoy a fabulous floating adventure with Two Rivers Canoe Rental.  We also want you to experience the many wonders of the Missouri Ozark Mountains.  We’re confident that after you visit us the first time, you’ll want to come back and visit us again soon thereafter to see more.


Round Spring

Round Spring is located approximately 13 miles north of Eminence on Highway 19.  The spring itself is some 55 feet deep, rising in a nearly circular pool of water before flowing under a natural bridge to join the Current River. At quiet times, otters, wood ducks and great blue herons may be seen in the spring.

Round Spring Cave

Park Rangers conduct two-hour lantern tours for the public.  These somewhat strenuous "underground hikes" are limited to the first 15 people.  Tours are offered daily at 10:00 and 2:00 during the summer months.  

Jam Up Cave

Jam Up Cave is located on the Jacks Fork River between Rymers and Blue Spring.  Jam Up is a spectacular cave, but it can only be reached by floating to it during the spring and early summer months when the water levels are high up river.  The entrance is about 80 feet high and 100 feet wide.  A natural skylight provides some light to the inside.

Alley Mill (and Spring)
Excerpts from an article by Cindy Von Halle

A mill was vital to community life, where grain was ground to provide the daily bread. The present building was constructed during 1893-1894 by George Washington McCaskill as a merchant mill.

Cold, clear waters rise from deep Alley Spring with an average daily flow of 81 million gallons. The spring basin is funnel-shaped with a depth of 32 ft. Short hiking trails around the spring displays a lush abundance of life.

Blue Spring

Blue Spring is located approximately 12 miles east of Eminence on Highway 106.  The spring flows from a very deep shaft that is situated at the base of a dolomite bluff.  The underground conduit of Blue Spring has been explored and mapped to a depth of over 300 vertical feet. 

Rocky Falls

Few places in the Ozarks provide a glimpse of earth’s turbulent past as well as Rocky Falls.  The reddish-brown rock is rhyolite porphyry.  It formed as molten rock deep within the earth flowed onto the surface thousands of years ago. Rocky Falls can be visited year round.  It is located on Route NN, off Route H east of Eminence and Winona.  It has a walking trail, bathrooms, picnic tables and fire grills.

Prairie Hollow Gorge

Located within hiking distance of Two Rivers Canoe Rental, and Two Rivers Campground, Prairie Hollow Gorge provides a classic example of an igneous gorge with sheer canyon walls, shut-ins, talus slopes and igneous glades.  The surrounding forest is dominated by shortleaf pine and white oak.  Within the gorge is an intermittent stream featuring deep pools, shut-ins and a gravel wash with large boulders—a great area to hike but climbing, camping, picnicking and open fires are prohibited.

The Ozark Trail

This is the only truly long foot trail in the area.  It extends from St Louis into Arkansas.  It will extend over 500 miles when all portions are completed.  It can be located where it crosses Route 106 about 14 miles east of Eminence, right at the Current River Bridge.

The Wild Horses

Protected by the National Park Service, several herds of wild horses call the Ozark National Scenic Riverways home, and roam freely along the banks of both the Current and Jack’s Fork Rivers.  If you look closely, you may catch a glimpse of them in the fields on Highway V on your way to Two Rivers Canoe Rental.


Why is the water so blue?

Spring water is actively dissolving away limestone as it moves through the earth. Springs are actually excavating new caves through this process. This dissolved limestone, along with the influence of the spring's depth and the blue of the sky, impart the blue color. Unique local conditions may give each spring its own tint.


Questions? We know the area!

Give us a call today at 573-226-3478 and our friendly staff will answer all your questions about the area and help you plan a fantastic getaway into the Missouri Ozark Mountains that you won’t soon forget. More information is also available on the web by visiting the following.

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